Our Labyrinth

labyrinthFor thousands of years labyrinths have been used by many cultures all over the world, from Ancient Egypt to China, from Ancient Rome to Peru in the Americas.

Perhaps the most famous labyrinth is set in the floor of the cathedral in Chartres, France. It was laid in 1220, and over the centuries, Christian pilgrims and others have engaged in the prayer of the mind, body and heart that the labyrinth offers.

The labyrinth at Unity of Southeast Texas is a 7-Circuit Triune pattern.

labyrinth at Unity of Southeast Texas


The power of walking the path of the labyrinth is in its simplicity. The labyrinth presents an orderly path to quiet the mind, and as the body moves into a peaceful rhythm of walking, one becomes more closely in tune with God. Step by step, one becomes more receptive to insight and illumination.

Walking the labyrinth is not something to learn or memorize, but something to experience. It is a walking meditation, a devotional act of worship, and a sacred celebration of life.

There is no right or wrong way to walk the labyrinth, just as there is no right or wrong way to pray. Walking the labyrinth is a personal experience, an opportunity for a “closer walk with God.”

We are now in process of completing our labyrinth by raising funds for the landscaping, the seating surrounding the labyrinth, and the walkway from the church to the labyrinth.  Engraved bricks will be placed within the walkway. Use the forms below to order bricks that may be designed by individuals to remember or celebrate a person or life event.

Order form for 8″x8″ brick

Order form for 4″x8″ brick

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