Board of Trustees

Diane Marie Rogers

Diane Marie Rogers

Diane Marie Rogers, President

I joined Unity of Southeast Texas in 2011 and quickly was invited to be a board member. The experience has been one of joy and the commitment is rewarding. In May of 2012, our board president left to go away to school, and as a result, I became President of the Board.

We as board members are committed to do the work of the church business and are very honored to wok in this capacity.  We laugh and bond, and we help each other. The Board is a very close group and everyone works so well together. Our main purpose is to support the church and manage the church business. We are committed to educating our community about the Unity Principles. The Board sets the Core Values and Purpose of our church and works to maintain the integrity of these vales. I plan to continue service to this church in whatever capacity I can.

Diane’s Personal Vision:
My personal intention is to discover and become totally aware of who I came be to be. I intend to live each day attuned to Spirit and follow unconditionally where I am led.

Leo Stewart, Jr.

Leo Stewart, Jr.

Leo Stewart, Vice President

Leo Stewart was born in Beaumont, TX, where he currently lives with his wife Annie, of 23 years, and their dog Harmony. Leo has three children and two grandchildren. Leo is an ordained minister of World Christian Ministries and Universal Life Church. Leo has been a member and congregant of Unity for approximately 30 years and currently serves as Prayer Chaplain and Board Member

Leo’s Personal Vision:
As an expression of God, the essence of my being, I seek to bestow love, life, abundance, and peace on all whom I encounter.

David Stanley

David Stanley

David Stanley, Secretary

A native of Beaumont, TX, David holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree and a Master of Arts degree. He has worked for the South Park Independent School District, Texas Musical Instruments Company, Lamar University, the Beaumont Symphony/Symphony of Southeast Texas, Lake Charles Symphony, Alexandra Symphony and Lamar Civic Orchestra. He has been affiliated with Unity of Southeast Texas since 2005.

David’s Personal Vision:
I will let go of judgements until I learn to stop judging.
I will forgive until I realize there is nothing to forgive.
I will continue my Spiritual path until I remember who I am.

Flo Ferguson

Flo Ferguson

Flo Ferguson, Treasurer

Although I am a relative newcomer to Unity and to Unity of Southeast Texas, my enthusiasm must have been obvious for I was asked within just a few months to serve as a Board Member, which I am now doing with great joy. I felt that in order for our small congregation to continue to grow and prosper, the best I could do was to learn all about the workings of the church. What better way to do than to serve as a trustee on the Board? Each meeting brings new insight and new dedication to the purposes of Unity and of our congregation, so I am happy to serve and look forward to doing so for many years to come.


Katie Chenoweth

Katie Chenoweth, Member

Katie Chenoweth has been a member of Unity churches since 1984. She is currently active on the Building and Grounds Committee. Katie holds a Masters Degree in Engineering from Lamar University and an undergraduate degree in Architecture from the University of Texas. She currently works for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality as a public water investigator. She is a certified evidence-based coach through Fielding Graduate University. She is passionate about 12 Step Programs and serves as a group representative for a local Al-Anon group. She also promotes the efforts for the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI). In her private life, she loves dogs, meditation, art, philosophy, and cooking.

Katie’s Personal Vision:
Create a loving family community that promotes free thinking and future-oriented consideration. Create a pillar in the Southeast Texas community for people to come when they need spiritual sanctuary and recovery. Use art and progressive knowledge to stimulate growth and discussion. Learn to be an effective leader.

Rev. Joy Walker

Rev. Joy Walker

Rev. Joy Walker, Minister

Rev. Joy Walker, minister at Unity of Southeast Texas, has been a Unity Truth Student for 31 years. She is a Licensed Unity Teacher and an ordained minister. She served as minister for Unity of Tulsa for 10 months, Unity of Shreveport for 10 years and Spiritual Leader for Unity of Longview, TX for five years.

Joy is a certified Chemical Dependency Counselor. She served for five years as part-time Chaplain for a Prison Ministry, five years as part-time Chaplain for an alcohol and drug abuse center, and part time as Chaplain for the State of Louisiana for a compulsive gambling center.

Additionally, she provides sacred service to several ministry teams for Unity Worldwide Ministries and is on the Board of Trustees for Unity South Central Region as vice president and alternate regional representative.

Joy holds the title of Competent Toastmaster and has conducted numerous workshops and seminars, including one for the Association of Unity Churches People’s Convention. She was a New Thought delegate to the Parliament of World Regions in Melbourne, Australia in December 2009.

Joy has a Master’s of Science degree in Business and an MBA. She spent 26 years in higher education administration.  Joy has three adult children and six grandchildren.


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