About Us

Our Mission Statement
We are a welcoming community dedicated to awakening Christ consciousness, nurturing transformation and inspiring joy.

Our Vision for the World

Centered in God, we celebrate oneness and wholeness in a world of diversity.

Our Core Values

Love – We express unconditional love as we live in harmony, and we value and honor the divinity within ourselves and each other.

Spirit-Led – We faithfully open ourselves to God’s guidance in our daily lives, honoring that sacred communion by being the truth of who we are.

Joy – We see through eyes of innocence, celebrating the pure and simple delight of being alive.

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-handshake-image2103850Inclusiveness – We embrace all people as expressions of God.

Integrity – We act from a place of wholeness and are ethical in all our actions.

Our community is a beacon of light of Spirit. Our call is to allow our light to shine so that together we can express the wholeness and abundance of God in our everyday living. Aware that the Christ Presence lives in each of us, we honor one’s highest intentions and encourage each other to express the wholeness and abundance through daily connection with Spirit through prayer, principle-guided action and service to others.

Using the Bible and principles set forth by Jesus the Christ, we increase our awareness of the Divine Presence. We join together to strengthen ourselves and live a purpose-focused life in our everyday living.

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